Welcome to the Hospital of Death

Posts along the lines of point-and-laugh-at-religion are a bad habit of mine, so I try to exercise restraint, but sometimes I can’t resist…

“death is not to be feared but rather welcomed as the attainment of our life long goal” (second comment)

What sort of institution would you consider this sentiment inappropriate to? Maybe a hospital? Somewhere dedicated to intervening in people to stop them dying?

Background (via. Feministe) is a nun at a Catholic hospital being excommunicated for aborting a foetus to save its mother’s life and prevent both of them from dying.

What’s ironic is that the article defending the excommunication tries to make the Catholic position sound brave: “the position of the church is actually born from humility, from daring to believe that God knows what he is doing.”

In the words of Bertrand Russell, lolno. What would be ‘daring’ would be to consistently apply ‘God knows what he is doing’ by refraing from all action, and certainly from medical care. Similar boldness would be found in building an aeroplane based on faith instead of evidence, or abiding by the ‘literal word’ of all Biblical pronouncements.

That would be impressive, even inspiring, in a certain insane way. But not running a hospital and then occasionally falling back on ‘God’s will be done’.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Hospital of Death

  1. Belinda says:

    I found it quite interesting that in that article she refers to the Catholic Church as a ‘she’ and turns to ‘Man’ when it comes to trusting what we know about science and having an illusion of control. I kind of resent her appropriating my gender for her side!

    • lukeroelofs says:

      Don’t worry, the construction of the church as female is entirely about emphasising the frailty and weakness it has relative to its future hubby, Jesus.

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