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Social Order and the Panopticon

This post is basically expressing one of those interesting cross-over ideas that you get when themes in two separate courses you’re taking join up – a little bit thinking out loud. On the one hand, in the context of a … Continue reading

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How Healthy Do We Want to Be?

Consider the following two hypothetical justifications, both starting from false premises: 1. “There’s a company downtown who will catch and kill ten feral cats and extract a special liquid from their brains, and sell it to you for $100. If … Continue reading

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Meat and the Body

This is Vegetarian Awareness Month, from World Vegetarian Day on October 1st to World Vegan Day on November 1st. Consequently my posts may have a slant towards such topics, and that includes this post, about the concept of ‘meat’. What … Continue reading

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Average = Total/N

An argument against vegetarianism that I’ve encountered a few times is that any individual’s consumption decisions will have no effect on the actual production of meat, and so are ineffective. In particular, this argument was made recently at Bad Conscience. … Continue reading

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