*Restrained Cheering*

So Mubarak is gone, and Suleiman didn’t succeed him. Add to that Ben Ali, who fled Tunisia, and Saleh, who has promised to stand down at the next election in Yemen, and that’s two-and-a-half Arab dictators down, and plenty more looking worried (especially if you count the other half of Saleh).

I’ve been meaning to write something about all this, but I keep getting a weird mutant form of writers’ block, where you have loads of good ideas, and then halfway through jotting them down they magically become boring and irrelevant. So whatever, I’m just saying ‘hurrah’ about this recent event, and throwing out some links

A suggestion that both Mubarak and Suleiman were acting in defiance of the military in yesterday’s speeches.

Thousands still held by the army without official documentation.

Trade unions playing a central role in Egypt and Tunisia.

An Egyptian group calls for the formation of revolutionary councils to preserve the organisational strength of the protest movement.

Very long article, interesting mainly for describing various forms of ‘spontaneous’ self-organisation during the protests and strikes

In particular, where do thousands of heroic democrats go to the bathroom?

Tomorrow, major protests in Algeria, whose government is unfortunately more practiced in large-scale violence.

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