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Communism and Community

Is there a link between the meanings of ‘communism’ and ‘community’? My interest here is partly etymological, partly analysis of concepts, and partly pragmatic clarification of how words might best be used. I know this whole area is a quagmire, … Continue reading

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Broken Britain

[Edit: On re-reading, I realised this post might be a little confusing. It’s meant as a sort of parody-by-reversal of the usual style of writing about riots and repression, in which the tropes usually employed for talking about poor communities … Continue reading

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The Absence of Anarchy in the UK

So apparently my home-town is on fire. It’s all too easy to find people explaining how these events show their personal theories to have been right all along, so I’m going to do the opposite: explain why these events pose … Continue reading

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Foucault and Breivik

Is Rubert Murdoch responsible for actions carried out by his employees? Do murders by Anders Breivik reflect on islamophobic commentators? Are feminists, egalitarians and liberals advancing a Europe-wide grand plan to actively undermine the basic structures of Western civilisation? All … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Masturbation: Anatomy of a Metaphor

Marx famously claimed that “philosophy stands in the same relation to the study of the actual world as masturbation to sexual love.” People have occasionally made similar remarks to me in the past, usually disparaging a particular type of philosophy, … Continue reading

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