Still making progress

Just a quick link to a discussion of the marked decline of large-scale open armed conflict in the world.

“Death tolls from wars in the 1970s and 1980s were 4–5 times higher than they are today. We are, despite reports of religious and political insurgencies, despite high-profile terrorist killings and unrest in various corners of the globe, living in the most peaceful era of our species’ existence. The world is getting less violent; we’re just more aware of the violence that happens, thanks to the mass availability of information.”

It’s useful to maintain perspective. In my view, politics across the developed world is moving in a distinctly bad direction – but politics is not all of human life, and sometimes bad politics co-exist with (are a reaction to?) good social trends.

I suppose if nuclear war breaks out between China and the USA this year, I’ll look rather silly for having posted this. But I guess if that happens, I’ll have bigger things to worry about.

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