Heap of Links: Dutch Elections, Yet More ‘Racism-or-Economics’, and Healthy Fat People

Sadly I haven’t been posting as frequently as I had hoped to, and I’m not really posting today either, but I wanted to throw out some good links.

First: The Dutch election seems to have helped the ‘Green Left’ more than Geert Wilders’ scummy Trump-knockoffery, but to have also hurt the centre-left party much more than the centre-right party. But it’s hard to interpret because there are SO MANY PARTIES. Good discussions from Eric and Crooked Timber.

Second: My posts on economic-vs.-racial ‘explanations’ of Trumpism prompted an exchange with my friend Greg, in the course of which we shared two duelling articles marshalling relevant data, one skeptical of the prospects for progressive victory through left-wing economics, one more optimistic. I’ll note that I still don’t have a firm view on this – I am trying to get comfortable living in my own ignorance.

Third: Results from a new study on healthy fat people – the gist is ‘some fat people are healthy, and those who are unhealthy enough to have chronic illnesses don’t seem to benefit from losing weight.’ Came to my attention through the science/fat-acceptance side of Tumblr. Worth noting, of course, that this is still all basically correlative info, not positive identification of causal mechanisms, as best I can see – like pretty much all the results  which ‘link’ obesity to heart disease etc. (i.e. those data don’t tell us which causes which, if either). I’m linking it to re-emphasise the point that body weight and health are two different things.

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