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Not Disorder, But Alternative Order

I worry my last post might have come across as over-focusing on how to categorise protest tactics as either ‘violent’ or ‘non-violent’, like I’m saying that’s the central moral issue here. That wasn’t my intention, so I’m going to try … Continue reading

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Burning Cop Cars is Non-Violent

It seems like right now would be a good time to return to some things I wrote a decade ago, about the idea of ‘violent’ and ‘non-violent’ protest, and why the predictable denunciations of ‘protests turning violent’ are laden with … Continue reading

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Rally to Close the Camps

Just a quick note to encourage any Australian readers to consider attending this coming Sunday’s rally against offshore detention of asylum seekers. There are events being held all over Australia but the Canberra one is at 1pm in Civic Square … Continue reading

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Follow-up on ‘Racism or Economics?’

A week or so ago I posted about a question I had seen asked by a lot of people dismayed by Trump’s election – ‘is it really about the economy? or really about racism?’ I claimed that this is really … Continue reading

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On the Supposed Logical Consequences of Free Movement

(Part 1 here). The other thing my Leave-voting friend said (echoing things I’ve heard in conversation from others) was this: “Secondly, if migration is a right and A Good Thing, then logically population will flow to the 1st world cities … Continue reading

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On Ownership of Territory and ‘Taking Back Control’

A Leave-voting friend who read my post last week emailed me some questions: “You say we don’t own our national territory, but an awful lot of people feel they want to, and in a democracy that means there is the risk–and … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: An 8-Point Non-manifesto

I’m stuck in a bit of a dilemma over ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ I support it, of course, but I feel torn over what to say about it. On the one hand, as a supporter, and someone paid to think about … Continue reading

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Murdoch’s Responsibilities and Distinct Consciousness

I will confess that I watch the implosion of the Murdoch empire with moderate glee. I especially enjoy the way that responsibility seems to creep upward along various chains of influence, implicating bosses, police, and politicians as well as individual … Continue reading

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Rival Powers in Revolutionary Libya

It would appear – from confusing and conflicting reports I have no confidence in my ability to interpret – that the Eastern Libyan city of Benghazi has just seen the formation of two distinct new bodies: On the one hand, … Continue reading

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Kropotkin and the Street Children of Cairo

From Save the Children, via. Al Jazeera: “One of the untold stories of Egypt’s popular revolution is the plight of homeless children caught up in the unrest…The drop-in centres that they rely on for food, clean water and shelter were, … Continue reading

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