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Why migration is a right

Migration seems to be at the heart of the rising wave of right-wing populism: a major motivator for Brexit, a major campaign issue for Trump and the European Neo-Nazis who look to him for inspiration. I’m probably going to talk … Continue reading

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Blogging Again

I’m re-starting this blog after a hiatus of six years – a hiatus significantly longer than the roughly one year that I actually blogged for, so honestly I’m surprised it’s still here. But here it is, good old wordpress I … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Grading

(EDIT: I keep meaning to give some link-love to a friend’s new blog, If Truth Were a Tomboy, but then forgetting to, so here – go read it) I hate grading. (this post is partly inspired by reading the comments … Continue reading

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One of the More Idiotic of False Equivalences

Sometimes you hear people complain about ‘politically correct’ changes in language by comparing them to Orwellian ‘newspeak’ – for instance, this article makes that claim about the BBC’s move to use ‘CE’ and ‘BCE’ in place of ‘AD’ and ‘BC’. … Continue reading

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Broken Britain

[Edit: On re-reading, I realised this post might be a little confusing. It’s meant as a sort of parody-by-reversal of the usual style of writing about riots and repression, in which the tropes usually employed for talking about poor communities … Continue reading

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Does the Norwegian Terrorist Attack Reflect on Islamophobes in General?

Should the killings in Norway affect our opinion of ‘islamophobic’ writers more broadly? This question has arisen in several blogs I’ve seen over the last week, and it interests me. So, I will voice some thoughts. To start with, two … Continue reading

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I didn’t realise Agent Orange was still in use.

“Brazil’s environment agency, IBAMA, discovered a 178 hectare patch of dead trees during a recent overflight of an area of the western Brazilian Amazon…reportedly destroyed illegally with chemical defoliant sprayed from an airplane. The uncontacted Indians thought to be living … Continue reading

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