Empathic Reason

My second book, currently in progress, is entitled ‘Empathic Reason: Imagination, Morality, and the Minds of Others’. It’s an attempt to use some relatively new ideas and debates in cognitive science to answer a very old, very simple, question: why be good to other people?

Since this is work-in-progress, there’s not so much published stuff to list here, so I’ve put up some ‘promotional’ materials that try to summarise and convey the plan in an interesting way. First, here’s the slides from a presentation I did on it:

“Situated Imagining and the Holy Grail of Moral Philosophy”

And here are three short little pieces of writing (1 or 2 pages) that approach the project from different angles:

Also related is my review of an excellent book pursuing a very similar project, “Compassionate Moral Realism” by Colin Marshall. Although we are in a sense fellow-travelers, I put the analysis of the imagination at the centre of my project while Marshall, I think, prefers analysing compassion as analogous to perception.