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Why I Hate Grading

(EDIT: I keep meaning to give some link-love to a friend’s new blog, If Truth Were a Tomboy, but then forgetting to, so here – go read it) I hate grading. (this post is partly inspired by reading the comments … Continue reading

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Bush is a War Criminal, but I don’t believe that Bush is a War Criminal

“Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been stripped of legal immunity for acts of torture against US citizens authorized while he was in office. The 7th Circuit ruling is the latest in a growing number…Criminal complaints have been filed … Continue reading

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Is it Wrong to Firebomb a Bank?

The Grand Conclave of World-Masters is getting closer here in Toronto, as are the protests against them and the police operation against said protests. Expect the odd post on related subjects. One interesting event has been the recent firebombing of … Continue reading

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The Liar Paradox, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, and the Concept of Political Authority

Most students of philosophy will be familiar with ‘the liar paradox‘, which in its simplest form goes: “this sentence is false”. Other versions might include someone who always lies saying “I am currently lying”, or similar. Is the sentence false? … Continue reading

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