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Occupy Wall Street: An 8-Point Non-manifesto

I’m stuck in a bit of a dilemma over ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ I support it, of course, but I feel torn over what to say about it. On the one hand, as a supporter, and someone paid to think about … Continue reading

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Socialist Equality and Majestic Equality

Does socialism have any particular connection with equality? In the last couple of days I’ve been talking about definitions in terms of ownership, power, and institutions, but haven’t said anything about equality, even though it’s often thought to be specially … Continue reading

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Utopian Common Sense

I’ve just finished reading “Envisioning Real Utopias“, part of the “Real Utopias Project” (a good book which I recommend), and felt like posting a few quotes from it. I post them not because I think they’re dazzling insights or brilliant … Continue reading

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Should Theresa May Resign?

Theresa May should not be minister for equality. Why not? Because she voted against equalising the gay age of consent? Because she voted against allowing gay couples to adopt? Because she voted against repealing Section28? No, none of those. It’s … Continue reading

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What does ‘Equality’ mean?

Yesterday was the first day of the U of T grad conference I mentioned on Thursday. I wanted to say something briefly about the keynote address, a very interesting talk by Raymond Guess on ‘Identification and the Politics of Envy’. … Continue reading

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