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Why migration is a right

Migration seems to be at the heart of the rising wave of right-wing populism: a major motivator for Brexit, a major campaign issue for Trump and the European Neo-Nazis who look to him for inspiration. I’m probably going to talk … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: An 8-Point Non-manifesto

I’m stuck in a bit of a dilemma over ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ I support it, of course, but I feel torn over what to say about it. On the one hand, as a supporter, and someone paid to think about … Continue reading

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What power do the Egyptian protesters have?

For the past week I’ve eagerly checked the news every morning for the lastest from Egypt. This whole ‘arab uprising’ thing gets me very excited. It also stimulates me to analysis. In particular, it makes me want to ask: when … Continue reading

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Soccer and Revolution

There’s an idea that floats around occasionally in socialist-and-similar ideology that ‘sport is reactionary’ because, like alcohol or religion, it distracts people from Pressing Social Problems and deflects their desires for Solidarity and Meaningful Struggle into the form of 22 … Continue reading

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Drug Law and Deer Antlers: A Model of Irrational Repression

A while back a friend linked me to this talk, in which Sam Harris describes drug laws as irrational on multiple levels. I have no disagreement with that – but the natural next question is: if a given set of … Continue reading

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What’s the Rationale for Democracy?

Why do we live in ‘democracies’? And why should we want to? I’ve been watching a conversation recently about the uses/abuses of the word ‘democracy’. Norman Geras castigates Priyamvada Gopal, who demands “real democracy”, for “conflat[ing] political democracy with the … Continue reading

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Social Order and the Panopticon

This post is basically expressing one of those interesting cross-over ideas that you get when themes in two separate courses you’re taking join up – a little bit thinking out loud. On the one hand, in the context of a … Continue reading

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